Selby & Friends

Amount raised to November 2011: $2529.00.

Thank you to everyone listed for contributing to the S&F Audience Commission Award, an exciting new aspect of our national series which will allow us to commission a new work for chamber ensemble by an Australian composer and perform it as part of one of our touring concerts.

We are now in a position to commission a piece during 2012, for performance in the 2013 season.

If you would like to become a patron please contact Selby & Friends on or call 02 9405 5532.


  • Marie Adams SA
  • Mr & Mrs AE & WG Allaway NSW
  • Mrs Margaret A Baker SA
  • Dr John Barnett NSW
  • Dr Robert Beal SA
  • Lenore Buckle NSW
  • Pam Caldwell VIC
  • Ms Jennifer Campbell SA
  • Barbara Connelly ACT
  • Miss Elizabeth Crombie NSW
  • Attila Edvi-Illes VIC
  • Mr Jack Espie ACT
  • Mr Alexander Ferson NSW
  • Mrs Rosalind Fischl NSW
  • Suzanne Gleeson NSW
  • Harlan Hall NSW
  • Miss Jeanette Hamilton NSW
  • Mr&Mrs Rachel&Alan Hardie VIC
  • Mrs Beatrice Head VIC
  • Mr W W Hughes NSW
  • Consul Erik Jensen VIC
  • Mr Morton Johnston ACT
  • Erica Jolly SA
  • Mr Peter Kolliner VIC
  • Mr R W Macourt ACT
  • Mr Peter Makeham ACT
  • Mr Trevor McAllister VIC
  • Miss Jan McDonald VIC
  • Jean Margaret Medley SA
  • Mr & Mrs Graham Morgan NSW
  • Mrs Norah Norris SA
  • Mr Colin Oliver ACT
  • Robyn Phillips ACT
  • Mr Keith Powell ACT
  • Mrs Margaret Prest NSW
  • Ms Wilga Pruden NSW
  • Dr Tony & Joan Seymour SA
  • Mrs Anne Sutcliffe SA
  • Sandra Taylor ACT
  • Mr Ian Templeman ACT
  • Ms Miriam Tonkin SA
  • Ria Webb ACT
  • Adrienne Westman NSW
  • Mrs Suzanne Will VIC
  • Mr Graham Perkins NSW
  • Ms Pam Caldwell VIC
  • Ms Suzanne Gleeson NSW
  • Mr Michael Guffond NSW
  • Mrs Helen Edwards NSW
  • Mr & Mrs R & C Gordon ACT
  • Ms Clodagh Harrison NSW
  • Mrs Gail Stark NSW
  • Mr Alan Bradshaw SA
  • Mr Alexander Ferson NSW
  • Mr & Mrs Peter Ring NSW
  • Mrs Anne Sutcliffe SA
  • Dr Anthea Hyslop VIC
  • Mr & Mrs Sheila & Philip Jacobson NSW
  • Ms Jean Margaret Medley SA
  • Ms Betty Page NSW
  • Mr & Mrs Rachel & Alan Hardie VIC
  • Mr Peter Makeham ACT
  • Dr Kevin Bryant ACT
  • Prof Robert Beal SA
  • Ms Marie Adams SA
  • Ms Erica Jolly SA
  • Mrs Ruth Lang SA
  • Miss Jeanette Hamilton NSW
  • Mr Jack Espie ACT
  • Ms Joan Symington NSW
  • Ms Anne M Huffam ACT
  • Ms Adrienne Westman NSW

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