AbaF GPR 2011 Stamp

AbaF Awards 2011

Selby & Friends are delighted to be honoured with an AbaF 'Good Practice Recognition' award in the Giving Award category at the 2011 AbaF Awards. Our relationship with our generous donors is extremely important to us, and formal recognition is a lovely added bonus to the meaningful association we have with our wonderful donors.

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The Selby & Friends national season would not be possible without the assistance of our generous supporters. These funds contribute significantly to the many costs associated with production and promotion of the series. Just as importantly, every donation also gives us encouragement and confidence. For the 2011 and 2012 seasons, Selby & Friends continues to work with the Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) to enable our supporters to make tax deductible donations.

The donation form can be found here and then posted directly to AbaF which will then send you a receipt. Please see the following link for further information. Australia Cultural Fund

Click here to see our list of donations to Feb 2012

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