2021 Season


Patriot Games9th - 16th May, 2021

Opening this concert with one of Australia’s most iconic piano trios, we are immediately conscious of the colours, light sounds, and the mystical relationship Edwards has with the sea and earth of this great land. One of Spain’s great…

DeneOlding ViolinJulianSmiles CelloKathrynSelby AM

Mavericks4th - 11th July, 2021

This program presents the work of three fascinating composers whose impact was both profound and long-lasting. Whilst they experienced the world at very much the same point in time, their view of the piano trio genre was vastly different.

AndrewHaveron ViolinTimo-VeikkoValve CelloKathrynSelby AM

Natural Wonders18th - 26th September, 2021

Australian premiered by Selby & Friends six years ago, Tower’s Big Sky is a visceral portrait of the composer riding her favourite horse through a deep Bolivian valley. A Grammy award-winning American composer, Towers’ work is…

SusiePark ViolinUmbertoClerici CelloKathrynSelby AM

A Rose Between Two Thorns7th - 14th November, 2021

Our title for this program is quite obviously tongue in cheek! One cannot possibly label either of the great melody masters, Rachmaninov and Schubert, as anything remotely close to being thorns, but the idiom seemed apt in the context of…

GraceClifford ViolinRichardNarroway CelloKathrynSelby AM

Exotic Strudel7th - 15th March, 2021

This delightful season opener presents a fascinating glimpse of how three important composers of the first half of the 20th Century re-imagined the piano trio in these powerful ‘miniatures’.

SusiePark ViolinJulianSmiles CelloKathrynSelby AM

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