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Let's Get Personal Feedback

We've received an overwhelmingly positive response to our first online concert 'Let's Get Personal'. 

Here's just a sample of the feedback we have received.

  • Thank you so much for “Let’s Get Personal”.   Watched it last night and thoroughly enjoyed.   Listened to you all talk after.   Now that you have extended I will watch again and listen to the speaking before each piece.   Must have been very time consuming for you all but it is well appreciated.   Do hope the remainder of the year goes well for you all. 
    - Lois
  • Thanks for the making the program available. We appreciate the high standard of production which you have achieved. We really enjoyed the informal discussions about the music and would hope that this can be incorporated as a regular feature. It was a terrific concert but we did miss the interaction of being part of an audience and hearing the music live.
    - Sandy and Mal
  • I will add comments via your audience response link but for now, I would like to
    thank you, each individually, and as a perfect trio,  for a beautifully balanced  program for an audience listening in isolation from our homes: lovely, uplifting  Mozart, followed by the magnificent Beethoven (so young when he composed this listener-challenging work ?!) and the “six beautiful Czech dumplings on a plate for your enjoyment” (thank you, Andrew Haveron, for a fantastic description here!) of Dvorak. A wonderful concert, superbly played as ever, individually and as as a trio. Your talk was very informative and inspiring, again, each individual contribution of Kathy, Umberto and Andrew, and as a whole. Our group admires enormously what you have managed and how you have managed to inspire, inform and comfort in a time which must be even more challenging for artists than for many others, excepting of course the amazingly courageous medical and support staff dealing at first hand with this frightening virus.
    Warmest good wishes to Kathy Selby and all Friends in your work to bring this wonderful music to us.
    - Susan
  • Very many thanks Kathy, Andrew and Umberto. A great concert and the separate discussion was particularly interesting. It was very generous of you to speak to us for over 45 minutes! The sound was great and it was a real pleasure top see each of you up close playing your instruments! So much appreciated!
    - Jack
  • Thanks so much for providing this for you patrons. Unfortunately I had three episodes of freezing and had to go out, back in and move along a bit before the video would resume. Despite this disruption I really enjoyed your performance.It was lovely to see you all up so close - hands, faces, and the instruments. This enriched the performance for me. Thanks also for the supporting commentary - good idea to have this as a separate video.
    - Sally
  • Thank you so much for making this concert available to us! Wonderful camera work that allowed one to follow the fingering. Not sure whether it was our South Coast NSW connection, but the presentation kept cutting out, and one would have to take a guess as to where to restart it. The problem did not occur with the In Conversation section.
    - Jennifer
  • We watched the concert last night and thoroughly enjoyed it - it was so beautifully played, we felt that we could have been with the three of you. And we also wanted you to know how impressed we were by the production: we have seen quite a few of these during the past weeks and they have suffered from poor photography, lighting etc, whereas yours was warm and inviting, with terrific sound quality. Thank you so much for giving us so much enjoyment.

    - Anne and Ian
  • I absolutely love the concert and the behind-the-scenes documentary.  I have already seen both three times. The documentary is particularly fascinating both because of the detailed, in-depth review of the musical work just performed, and the context and disposition of the composer at the time the work was composed.  Although that format is followed in your live concerts, the documentary allows a more intimate view.  I think it totally smashed the "fourth wall" separating the audience and the performers in a way that was authentic and genuine - something that's attempted but rarely achieved these days.  Your piece to camera at the end of the doco was really strong and heartfelt. I hope your other subscribers enjoyed it, too. I am looking forward, I hope, to the next S&F Virtual concert.

    - Ben
  • Fantastic effort. ALMOST as good as a concert. The sound was excellent and the video quality really good. As always, Kathryn's playing was amazing and Andrew and Umberto stayed with her all the way. Lovely way to spend an Iso afternoon. 
    - Beverley
  • Congratulations and thanks for a wonderful performance under difficult conditions. I particularly liked the fact that we could see the performers' hands and bowing so clearly.
    - Elaine
  • Last night Phillip and I watched your concert from Sydney Grammar hall, and what a joy it was! I was feeling very deprived of live music, and having your concert to fill the gap was wonderful!   And, of course, we may well see you here in July, for a real live concert! If not, we will certainly join you through the wonders of media.
    - Mary
  • Dear Kathy and friends, We have just watched and listened to your concert and it was fabulous.The sound quality was superb also the screening.Take a bow.We feel honoured to have had you all in our sitting room.Thankyou so much . It has made our day. Regards Rod and Trish Mclean
    - Rod and Trish
  • Mary and I loved it - both the music and the talk.
    - Anthony
  • What an absolutely wonderful performance! Spellbinding from beginning to end. The close up images of the musicians hands, and facial expressions added a whole new dimension to the concert. The talk by the performers was also wonderful to listen to - and to be able to hear very clearly. Thank you for going to such lengths to bring musical joy to us all. 
    - Sandra
  • A welcome reviver after homeschooling grandchildren during the week! Beautifully played and heartwarming: many thanks. 
    - Margaret and Geoffrey
  • That was marvellous. Sat beside the fire and just enjoyed it. Nearly as good as being there (but not quite). Thank you and looking forward to future concerts. Best wishes.
    - Jeannette
  • What a great pleasure it has been to enjoy these 3 piano trios, more than only once at a performance just ,it seemed, for me! Thank you for making this video available. And an enormous thank you to Kathy, Andrew and Umberto for continuing to give us the gift of music. 
    - Deidre
  • Thankyou so much Selby and Friends! 

    I feel extremely privileged to have shared Lets Get Personal for the 2nd time today...WoW!! I Loved every moment, I felt I was the audience in the concert hall for 1,and just loved the intimacy of that. Although the electric atmosphere at your concerts is an experience I'm dying to be part of again very soon....hopefully!

    Thanks so much for all of your amazing and wonderful music and artists you've shared with us through these strange days. It's really made my days! Cheers!!
    - Sue
  • Thank you for the Let's Get Personal Concert and the lively and most interesting Behind the Scenes discussion among Pianist, Cellist and Violinist. Thank you also to Sydney Grammar School. It's obvious that a great deal of thought, ingenuity and hard work resulted in this superb Sunday Evening Concert in my tiny, isolated habitat. Bravissimi! 
    - John
  • Hi Selby and Friends,

    That’s great news as I was just about enjoy concert and films for 2nd time but now I don’t need to rush tonight.

    So pleased  with the positive response, it was a great concert and superbly filmed.

    - Alison