Southern Highlands

Chevalier College Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre at Chevalier College (map) has undergone a refurbishment and contemporary but functional facelift to the existing facility with the school working closely with a theatre design consultant and an acoustic engineer to ensure the highest standards of quality for the venue.

The venue is located in the same space on the school grounds off Charlotte Street in Burradoo, a short distance outside Bowral off Moss Vale Road.

Selby & Friends is offering open seating for this venue and free parking is available immediately outside the venue on the school grounds and also on Charlotte Street.

  • Exotic Strudel

    13th March5:00 pm
  • Patriot Games

    15th May5:00 pm
  • Mavericks

    10th July4:00 pm
  • Natural Wonders

    18th September4:00 pm
  • A Rose Between Two Thorns

    13th November4:00 pm

*All Seating Allocations are done by the Selby & Friends Office.