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Selby and Friends

Elder Hall - Sunday 6 July, 2014

Rodney Smith

After a gap of 26 years eminent violinist Daniel Dodds has returned to play in his home town as a guest of pianist Kathryn Selby with one of her regular musical partners cellist Julian Smiles in a concert of piano trios by Beethoven, Fauré and Tchaikovsky. Artistic Director of Festival Strings of Lucerne,  Dodds is no musical lightweight and his presence with Smiles and Selby whose styles are big-scale provided a perfect counterbalance, his golden tone and high-octane energy ensuring their main number, Tchaikovsky’s monumental Trio in A minor contained all the fire and passion this composer demands. In fact, of the variety of string players lion-hearted Selby has played with over the years Dodds proved amongst the very best matches in disposition and technique.

Tchaikovsky wears his heart on his sleeve particularly emphatically throughout the Trio in a lament for his erstwhile colleague Nikolai Rubinstein to whom it is dedicated. We are wrapped in a Russian bear-hug of extreme romanticism from its opening bars as Tchaikovsky indulges his feelings with unfettered passion. The torrents of notes and chunky chord-progressions – think of the famous Piano Concerto – were handled with enormous power and élan by Selby while Smiles and Dodds provided equally symphonic and often lyrical intensity in a most empathetic manner.

Earlier, Faure’s far better mannered Trio in D minor came across with all the poise, polish and restrained passion usually associated with this oh-so-French composer. Selby’s group had the measure of that too.



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