Selby&Friends at Home

Our 2020 Season certainly did not turn out the way we expected or planned. Given the new world with which we are faced and the obstacles we will have to overcome, Selby & Friends is working hard to learn new skills and adapt quickly.

Whilst we did not cancel any concert programs, but instead delivered four concerts to 2020 Subscribers and Ticketed patrons as concerts filmed and recorded live (see below for details), we now welcome new patrons to our online initiatives through our Online Concerts Content available here on the website.

In addition, we are delighted to welcome visitors to our YouTube Channel for regular uploads of archival performances recorded live during past Selby & Friends Seasons.

Live Concerts Filmed and Recorded

We have performed live and recorded four concerts in our 2020 Season comprising Tours 2 - 5:. Let's Get Personal, Beethoven's Ghost, Transfigured and the recently released A Final Offering. Each of these concerts is available through our Online Concerts portal on the website along with a host of special features including behind the scenes discussions with the artists.

We wish to thank our subscribers and patrons for their support during these challenging times and we hope to be back on stage soon. In the meantime, we will continue to bring you as much music as we can. We also wish to thanks Sydney Grammar School and City Recital Hall for allowing us to perform in their beautiful spaces in order to bring these special concerts to you at home through the medium of film.

A Final Offering

The concert was recorded and filmed live at City Recital Hall and is available now.

In addition to the Concert, which includes introductions to each work on the program by the performers, patrons have access to an additional filmed Q&A session between Kathy and her colleagues. Subscribers and ticketed patrons also have complimentary access to our concert program booklet online, behind the scenes photos from the filming itself and a host of other special features. New visitors can also view the concert via our website using a new pay per view portal.

How to Access the Concerts

Ticket Holders - Log In

If you are a 2020 subscriber or you have already purchased a ticket to one of our scheduled 2020 concerts prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, you have complimentary immediate access to the special filmed live performance and all the extras online by clicking the link below until the end of December 2020. Simply log into your Selby & Friends account with your own password to view the video.

If you are a subscriber/ticketed patron and don't yet have an account, you'll be able to set one up by clicking on the View Online Here button below which will take you to a 'Create a Password' button on the next page. Please contact us immediately if you have any issues logging in.

View Online Here

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How do I access this concert or any others that are available?

If you wish to have access to our online content, please visit our Online Concerts page, select from the available options and proceed to purchase. You will need to Register an account in order to view your purchases in the My Account area. The Register button is found on the Homepage next to the Menu at the top of the page.

Trouble Accessing

If you have any trouble accessing the performances online, please don't hesitate to contact us using our online form or direct contact details.

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Other Performances on our YouTube Channel

Don't forget that you can access selected audio recordings from past live concerts presented since 2003 through our YouTube Channel as part of our second tier of Selby&Friends at Home content. These are public and free of charge.

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