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1st June, 2018 | Live Radio Interviews

In Conversation with ​Michael Morton-Evans

FineMusic 102.5 in Sydney

“Here’s a thought to make you shudder. Imagine being a new student at a renowned music school in New York. You sit down at the piano, only to find that the previous student has placed razor blades between some of the keys to harm your performance. That’s how competitive the musical world was when Australian pianist Kathy Selby went to America to study. Happily she survived the musical rate race and returned home to become one of our leading chamber pianists and the leader now for the past 13 years of the renowned chamber group Selby & Friends. Kathy will be my guest on In Conversation at 2pm on Wednesday, May 30th. Tune in and share an hour with one of our musical treasures.” Michael Morton-Evans

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