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This is a precarious time for the arts around the world. With so much uncertainty, it is difficult to plan ahead for the future, but music must continue to be performed and heard, artists must continue to practice their craft and strive to be always more informed and audiences deserve to have access to our music. Dependent, almost solely, as we have always been on ticket sales, it is especially difficult now. Government grants are available but are sparingly given and not often.

Selby & Friends pivoted quickly in 2020 to enable artists and our audiences to remain connected through the medium of digital technology and the beauty of high quality sound and film recordings of live performances. In 2021, with Sydney in lockdown and borders closed to other states, musical life came to a standstill but for the continued weekly visits by e-newsletter. Our 2021 and 2022 Seasons were minimally affected by COVID disuptions and we move forward with great hopes.

Now more than ever we need to ask for your assistance for our very survival so that we can continue to support our friends and colleagues, mentor young Australian artists and bring inspired and memorable experiences to our audience into the future.

Selby & Friends' activities are made possible largely with the support of our 'family of patrons' who donate with preference to Selby & Friends through the Australian Cultural Fund, now administered by Creative Australia. Donations over $2 are eligible for tax deductions. You will receive a tax receipt directly from the Australian Cultural Fund. Read T&Cs online:

If you would prefer to fill in a hard copy of the official donation form, please download it, print and post your completed donation form, cheque or credit card details to: Creative Australia, Level 17, 360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, VIC 3006.



Selby & Friends wishes to acknowledge the extraordinary generosity of the patrons listed below, and those who also wish to remain anonymous, whose significant contribution continues to assist us in presenting concerts around Australia. With your help we have been able to plan the 2024 Season to which we are so looking forward.

Please visit Selby & Friends 2024 Season for more information.

Current from 31 January 2023 -  29 April 2024


Barbara Leser
Dr Bruno Giuffre
Anonymous x 4
Stephanie Pattison
Philippa Davern



Judith Southam Jenny & Christopher Legoe
Patricia Duffy Rosalie & Jacob van Dissel
Peter Murray Stephen Shanasy
Cynthia Nadai Peter Fletcher AM
Robert McDougall Simpson-Michael Foundation
John Holmes Annie Hawker
Dr Timothy Pascoe AM Anonymous x 6
Elizabeth Bull Mary-Jane Gething
Anne Sutcliffe Elizabeth Gordon
Adrienne Morey Virginia Berger
Jane Smith Judith Southam
Lyndsey Hawkins Helen Lynch AM
Esther Gallant

Kathryn Magarey

Kate Girdwood

Allan Gill Gwenyth McNeill
Pamela Thomas


Geoff Clark
Michael Chesterman
Tom Dent
Christine Haslam
Peter & Barbara Kolliner
Roger Stott
Lynette Wilson
Ray Booth
Ros & Alexander Fischl
Richard Kirby
Anne McFarlane
Adrienne Westman
Helen Halley
Diana Dibden
Sue Lubbers
Pam Caldwell
Peter and Theresa Dodds
Elisabeth McDonald
Christina Wong
Richard Coleman
Tony Seymour
Christine Lawrence

Robert Fletcher

Anonymous x 4

Roger Stott







Clive and Meg Probyn Andrew Wight Heather Henderson
David Campbell Tim Oakley Sue Kirkwood
Sue Lewis Bunny Gardiner-Hill Robert Fletcher
Meredith Ide Robert and Margaret Jackson Virginia May
Vanessa Fanning Matthew Fewell Heather Kenway
Andrew Byrne Kenneth Freeman Jannette Greenwood
Lynne Dalgarno Roslyn Gordon Judith Campbell
Phil Alt Matthew Yates Anne Case
Michelle Wheeler Patricia Makeham Tony & Judy Cooper
Mary Schultz Robyn Phillips Merrilyn Crawford
Russell Pennell Anthea Hyslop Janie Gibson
Angela Di Pauli Leslie Wilhelm Janet Heffernan
Peter Barker Alexander Logie Mandy Walker
Tel Asiado Helen Tracey Ian Sloan
Joan and Ian Sloan Greg Trigg Jeffrey Mellefont
Cynthia Mitchell Beverley Johnson Anthea Hyslop
Helen Tracey Rosna Storey David Rainey
Martin Andrew Erica Booker Joan Ikin
Sue Zeckendorf Jill Matthews Margaret Oates
Angela Bridgland Joan MacLean Susan Love
Sara Bennett Christine James Hal Colebatch
John Howie Frank & Diane Shapcott Ian Heyman
Anthony Clark Niall & Jan O’Donnell Jeff Anderson
Martin Andrew Steve Moffatt Alan & Helen Bradshaw
Kevin & Pauline Bryant Traudl Moon Colin Boston
John Greenwell Janet Doust Margaret Baker
Sally Bartz Margaret Oates Christobel Botten
Sandra Dent Sheelagh Mahon Graham Bate
Don & Jenny Orchard Robert & Margaret Jackson Ken Eley
Anthea Hyslop Helen Neville Peter Gill
Geoff Oliver Frank Robertson Felicia Mitchell
Anonymous x 33 Nikki Thomas Channa Wong
Andrew Blanckensee Ewan Colson  Derek Minett
Diane Shapcott Nikolas Margerrison Oliver Addis
Carolanne Macaulay Kate Lidbetter  John Parker

Ruth Devine

Anna-Rosa Baker

Greta Allen  Andrew Serafin

Up to $100


Heather Nash
Norman James
Ken Eley
Jennifer Matkevich
Suzanne Will
Beverley Johnson
Malcolm Brooks
Sylvester Kroyherr
Beverly Dilena
Merilyn Marel
Glen Johnson
Ewan Colson
Doke Young & John Fleming
Edmond Fisher
Ralph Davis
Nikolas Margerrison
Mary Silver
Meredith Adams
Anonymous x 7
Gayle Edmondson
Robyn Smith

Ruth Skewes

John Moen

Glen Johnson

Robert & Shirley Silverton





Selby & Friends would like to thank the generous corporate sponsors and private supporters whose generosity, faith and support have inspired each season.


For information regarding sponsorship and partnership programs with Selby & Friends, please contact Teri King on (02) 9405 5532 or

Selby & Friends is delighted to welcome interest from individuals and corporations in support of the season and our myriad activities.

Make a Gift or Bequest

Gift: Selby & Friends is able to accept Gifts from patrons directly should you not require a tax deductible receipt. However, Selby & Friends is not registered to accept donations and issue tax deductible receipts. This is why we have a long-standing relationship with Creative Partnerships Australia's Australian Cultural Fund which accepts donations on behalf of Selby & Friends and issues receipts directly to the donor.

To give a donation as a gift directly to Selby & Friends, simply send a cheque made out to ‘Selby & Friends’ directly to PO Box 18, Northbridge, NSW, 2063 or contact Selby & Friends on 1300 511 099 for Direct Deposit information. Please Note: Gift Donations will not be tax deductible and patrons will not receive a tax deductible receipt from Selby & Friends.

Bequest: Making the decision to give a gift of support in your will to Selby & Friends will make an enormous impact on our ability to ensure that the series continues to thrive and enrich the community for future generations of aspiring artists and music lovers. Please consider supporting Selby & Friends with this  gift. To find out more information please contact Teri King at or on 1300 511 099.