T​atoulis Auditorium​, Methodist Ladies' College School

Methodist Ladies’ College School (map) (Tatoulis Auditorium) ​is located ​at 207 Barkers Road in Kew, at the corner of Barkers and Glenferrie Roads. It has a​n​ ​intimate comfortable space with ​fully ​upholstered, tiered and numbered seats, good lighting, disabled entry for those with ambulatory concerns, both a very large carpark immediately outside and an underground carpark in the building with an internal lift and it is close to many forms of public transport. ​Reserved seating is applicable for this venue.​

  • Exotic Strudel

    11th March7:30 pm
  • Patriot Games

    12th May7:30 pm
  • Mavericks

    7th July7:30 pm
  • Natural Wonders

    22nd September7:30 pm
  • A Rose Between Two Thorns

    11th November7:30 pm

*All Seating Allocations are done by the Selby & Friends Office.