2018 Season Overview

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Selby & Friends 2018 Season!

Our 2018 Season welcomes back many wonderful old friends who have wowed and enthralled us in the past, and introduces two exciting virtuosic new guests to Selby & Friends in programs which will explore stunning soundscapes. This Season is devoted to deconstructing the parts that make up the whole, with piano trios expanding to quartet and reducing to duos. The development of brilliant partnerships and the exploration of new musical worlds remains our focus with a special fifth Beethoven program, chosen entirely by the audience by ballot in mid-2017.

Returning as part of our 8rilliant artistic line-up are stunning violinists Andrew Haveron and Natalie Chee, and popular and dynamic cellists Umberto Clerici, Clancy Newman and Julian Smiles. Also returning in 2018 is the dynamic Finnish duo of Vesa-Matti Leppänen and Timo-Veikko Valve whose finely wrought sense of humour competes only with their incredible virtuosity and sensitivity.

Joining our ensemble in 2018, I am delighted to welcome the renowned violin virtuoso Alexandre da Cost-Graveline who currently splits his time between an international solo career and leading the string department at WAAPA in Perth. Also new to S&F in 2018 is young Australian clarinetist Lloyd Van’t Hoff who joins returning young star Grace Clifford as part of our program to support outstanding young Australians on their professional journey.

We venture into new territory with two exciting new venues in 2018 – in Melbourne and the Southern Highlands – in order to create more space whilst continuing our desire for intimacy and inclusion.

We all hope you will come along and join us in 2018!