Review – Beethoven’s Ghost

8th August, 2020 | Concert Reviews

By Graham Strahle – The Australian, Adelaide Review, Music Australia

These are magnificent performances coming from three musicians who play at the very highest level. Together they find the inner narrative of these Beethoven trios with rare sensitivity, insight and intelligence. One can feel the rush of blood of the young Ludwig in his C minor Trio, Op. 1 No. 3, and a rapt, almost spectral quality in the middle of the ‘Ghost’ Trio, Op. 70 No. 1. Having not heard him before, I was particularly struck by Harry Ward’s sweetly expressive playing in these works, and can confidently predict that we will be hearing a lot more from him – what a wonderful talent this young violinist is. And it is a real delight hearing Timo-Veikko Valve collaborating again with Kathryn Selby. What a great combination all three of them make.

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