Online Concerts

Selby & Friends filmed four live concerts during the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020, all of which are now available below.

The Trailers outline the concerts in some detail.

Simply click on an image, create an account and proceed to listen and watch at your convenience after purchase.

All videos to which you have access will have the image highlighted with a blue border below.

A Final Offering

A Final Offering – Trailer

A Final Offering – Full Concert with Introductions

A Final Offering – Full Concert + Extra Features


Transfigured – Trailer

Transfigured – Full Concert with Introductions

Transfigured – Full Package + Special Features

Transfigured – Brahms Piano Quartet Op.60

Transfigured – Mozart Piano Trio in G, K.564

Transfigured – Schubert Piano Quintet in A, ‘Trout’

Beethoven's Ghost

Beethoven’s Ghost – Trailer

Beethoven’s Ghost – Full Concert with Introductions

Beethoven’s Ghost – Full Package + Extra Features

Beethoven’s Ghost – Piano Trio from Beethoven’s own transcription of his Second Symphony

Beethoven’s Ghost – Piano Trio in C minor, Op.1 No.3

Beethoven’s Ghost – Piano Trio Op. 70 No. 1 ‘Ghost‘

Let's Get Personal

Let’s Get Personal – Trailer

Let’s Get Personal – Concert with Introductions

Let’s Get Personal – Full Package + Extra Features

Let’s Get Personal – Dvořák Piano Trio

Let’s Get Personal – Mozart Piano Trio

Let’s Get Personal – Beethoven Piano Trio